Why You Need To Be Concerned About Those High Bounce Rates

Photo by Samuel-Elias Nadler on Unsplash

You run your Google Ads Campaign, and visiting Analytics, you see that you have a bounce rate of over 30%. You know that more than 30% of your visitors are leaving you soon after landing on your website. and you are asking yourself if it is common to have a high bounce rate when running PPC campaigns?

Well, there is probably no simple answer. On most occasions, a high bounce rate means that your ads are;

  • Receiving unwanted clicks from window shoppers
  • Negatively impacted by click fraud
  • Targeting the wrong audience who quickly leave once they get to the landing page
  • Lacking quality content
  • Having users land on a page with no further links
  • Directing viewers to slow loading pages

You can and should invest time to optimize your Bounce Rates, understanding the reason for each of the reasons that may lead visitors out of your site soon after landing there. Optimizing your Bounce rates will minimize your PPC costs. This means elevating your ROAS and generating more profits. 


To what extent do bounce rates matter?

A ‘bounce’ is primarily when an internet user gets to view your ad and clicks on it but leaves before taking any valuable action. As such, bounce rate is primarily a measure of how much traffic that starts coming your way gets wasted. It is not a pleasant metric, but it is absolutely necessary given how Google Ad campaigns are modeled. A high click rate will see you pay more for your Google ads, but what if more than 90% of this traffic is wasted through high bounce rates?

This is why you need to be concerned about those high bounce rates, as you will spend a lot on your advertisements while receiving little or no revenue. Still, there is the concern of when a bounce rate is considered to be too high.

In the PPC world, it is normal to have a level of bounce rate for each campaign. This is because you cannot expect every viewer who sees your ads and clicks on them to become a shopper instantly. You need to win them over, and if they are not interested, they will leave.

Today, different industries have different standards considered to be the right range bounce rate. These rates are what you need to use as the benchmark when evaluating the impacts of your PPC campaigns. If your numbers are way above your industry standard, it is time to re-think your advertising strategies.


A way out of the murky waters

It is no lie that advertisers are masters of increasing bounce rates as this helps them validate the ‘power of their campaigns.’ Most advertisers know that if you notice their ads have a low click-through rate, you will drop them, and they need leverage over you. Therefore, planning to reduce your bounce rate goes against their goals and is not a journey for the weak.

On the bright side, you can defy the odds by opting to automate your Google ads like Minimo and achieve immense success. The winning edge that comes with relying on end-to-end automation for your PPC campaigns is that you can be confident of the results. This is because you get to use machine learning and AI algorithms to manage the entire campaign leaving no room for mistakes that lead to high bounce rates.

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