Using AI in advertising is Changing Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming essential for digital marketing and touches every aspect of the industry. One of the main reasons advertisers must use AI is since Google and Facebook are investing hugely into developing their AI as the intelligence behind advertiser ad placement in search results or Facebook feed.

In the past, digital marketing used to work fine with a “Do it Yourself” approach where Manual campaign management, buying directly from Google or Facebook would be sufficient for a brand or a store owner to stand out.


Things became more sophisticated as more advertisers and users relied on digital eCommerce marketing. Major ad platforms began using AI in advertising, big data, and bid management algorithms, and the industry turned to work with what we can now call “Traditional Agencies” where the agency employed experts that performed these Manual Campaign Management tasks relieving brands from the need to become Digital Marketing experts.


Eventually, ad platforms faced the situation where ad placement could no longer be based on simple deduction. The plethora of information points relating to user behavior and the huge amount of advertising content called for sophisticated ad placement on the advertising platforms’ side. Google and Facebook began using AI in marketing and advertising to ensure their users receive the best and most relevant experience. Manual Campaign Management could no longer suffice, and the Modern Agency developed where their experts use Automated Campaign Management solutions from companies like WordStream and AdEspresso are helping to implement advertisement strategies to enable their customers to stand out from the crowd at a reasonable budget.


However, the Modern agency had to evolve as they too could make use of collected data further. These are the “Vertical Partners,” eCommerce automated advertising agencies using automated campaign management and own proprietary data.


The next step in this evolution is naturally to use AI also on the advertiser side. In collecting data and measuring keywords, interests, and ad performance, AI in marketing and advertising can now replace the PPC expert in using Automated campaign management. A good Artificial Intelligence system with strong Machine Learning algorithms can perform far better than a human advertiser expert even when using the best available campaign management tools. The benefits of marketing automation and using AI in advertising provides the ability to work on thousands of advertised products simultaneously, making thousands of budget and revenue impacting decisions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Indeed, today’s race is focusing on creating the best performing AI agent, ensuring advertisers can improve their ROI and ROAS.

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