The Secret to Optimizing Your Amazon Advertising

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Amazon is the largest eCommerce retailer, and the platform has consequently attracted millions of sellers, all looking to tap into its vast market. Essentially, this means there is a stiff neck competition as every seller wants to reach out to as many customers as possible at the lowest costs. The good news is that Amazon allows its sellers to market themselves through pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns and secure more sales.
Still, with virtually every seller using the Amazon PPC system, the primary concern is on ways to gain a competitive advantage through your advertisements. We take you through the techniques utilized by top-raking sellers when running their Amazon PPC ads.


The four-step channel to optimizing your Amazon PPC campaigns

Have you been wondering how to optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns without spending more? Here are the four proven steps that will see you have high-quality ads to propel your target market to take action.


1. The magic of long-tail keywords

The highlight of any good Amazon Ad is the keywords used. You can never win over the market without investing in excellent keyword research, as it is the pillar that determines the quality of your campaigns. However, you need to do much more than use Amazon keyword tools to find the top search keywords. Instead, you need to use these tools to attain long-tail keywords.
The winning edge for using long-tail keywords that makes them critical for your campaigns is how they attract clients with strong purchase intent. For example, if you sell baby toys, a long-tail keyword such as baby toys 0-3 months or baby toys 3-6 months will drive more quality traffic to your store.


2. Fully utilize Amazon Ad Placement report.

Amazon has quite a compilation of tools that you can use to make your ad campaigns better. One of the most powerful tools you can ever use is the Amazon ad placement report. This report gives you an in-depth analysis of your campaigns. It does this by identifying the best-performing keywords, how ad-placements in your pages are performing, and low-value campaigns that need tweaking.


3. Use Google and social media channels to drive traffic to your store.

To win, you often need to think outside of the box. This applies to Amazon advertising, as you need to do more than advertise on the platform. Your potential clients are not only looking for products on Amazon, but they are browsing the internet each day and using social media platforms.
You can tap into this vast traffic and direct them to your store by running Google Ads and utilizing the shopping mentality of sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. There are many ways to use social media platforms, but the rule of thumb is to focus on the ones that will work best for you.


4. Have a killer landing page

Your landing page is the most important marketing tool as it determines whether a potential client will take action or not. Ads are just enticements to get to your landing pages, and it is here that the rubber meets the road. You need to create a landing page that will instantly attract attention through top-quality content and a clear call to action (CTA).



Amazon holds so much potential for its sellers, and it is possible to make use of this giant retailer to run a successful business. One way to do this is to run quality ads, and using the tips mentioned above; you are bound to achieve better results.

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