The Most Common Google Ads Mistakes Made & How To Avoid Them

Indeed, when it comes to placing your Ads, Google has a mind of its own. It is therefore imperative for us to figure out our next tactical move with the world’s largest and most popular PPC advertising platform. Google Ads provides PPC experts with an adaptable advertising technology that can deliver significant returns on advertising spend. However, although effective, and used by many businesses, many common mistakes are being made when it comes to setting up profitable Campaigns through Google AdWords services. Here we bring a few common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.


Ineffective Targeting – bringing the wrong audience to your website costs you money and is unlikely to drive any sales. When your targeting is weak, visitors to your website may get there by mistake and will leave without making a purchase, however, you have already paid for their click.


Effective targeting is therefore the single most important task you need to ensure you are getting right when using Google PPC online advertising Google Ads in particular. To push conversions and reach the correct audience, businesses need to use the technology and tools that will help them utilize Google Ads to the best of their needs, bring interested shoppers to their web stores, and drive revenues. 


When targeting your audience it is vital to have a clear and specific understanding of who you want him or her to be. This involves identifying the right demographics including Geographies, Age, Gender, and Interests, and then selecting the right audience in Google Ads. 


Next, you need to develop an understanding of what the target audience is likely to be searching for when looking for the products you have in your store, as well as having a well thought-over remarketing strategy with properly designed retargeting Ads, making sure you follow your relevant audience wherever they go on the Internet. And finally, research relevant words or phrases related to your products or services that are commonly used by your relevant audience.


Wrong Choice of Keywords: choosing the wrong keywords and search terms for your Google PPC online advertising Google Ads campaigns may have many forms of negative impacts. You may be using keywords with low search volume, hence not many people are going to eventually arrive at your site. Alternatively, you may miss important keywords that people use when searching for your products, here you may lose these searchers to your competition. Therefore you may not be able to optimize and drive sufficient traffic to your website.


Your keywords should reflect all of the different types of user queries that could help someone find you when they’re looking for something you offer. The main goal of using keywords is to trigger a display of your Google Ads to be at the forefront of the search pages when customers are looking for specific products you sell. However, finding the relevant keywords can be challenging to define as search terms can be too broad or not specific. As a result, your Ads may fail to display to your most relevant searchers falling through the cracks. At Okiano Marketing, we developed an AI-boosted eCommerce automated advertising software and smart keyword tool that automatically generates a large amount of very relevant keywords, including long-tail keywords (highly specific keywords) for which you may be getting traffic at a lower cost per click in contrast to keywords that are high in demand.


The most important measure you need to worry about when using Google AdWords services is your Ads Quality Score that is measuring your Landing page experience, Ad relevance, and Expected clickthrough rate (CTR).


By ensuring your relevant keywords lead to the relevant product or category pages and that customers following this path are purchasing on your website, you will increase your Quality Score rating as well as increase your organic search traffic. This will get your website a good ranking on Google and will therefore gain the correct attention of your market.


Not Using Enough Extensions: When you are not using enough Ad extensions, your ads take less screen space and may be overlooked by shoppers searching for your products. This will result in a lower CTR that impacts both the amount of traffic to your page and resulting sales as well as the overall quality score for your Ads-Landing-page sequence that will result in higher click costs. 


Your goal when using Google AdWords advertising is to drive the maximum amount of relevant online shoppers to your website. Ad extensions provide extra information about your business such as your location, your contact details, your website, and reviews at no extra cost. By using multiple Ad extensions, you will increase your visibility as well as your position in the market, to your targeted consumers. Once your website becomes more visible and your position in the market is more concrete it makes your business more trusted by the consumer. There are specific extensions and AdWords management services you can use and take advantage of the benefits that they will bring to your business. 


The bottom line here is that you can increase your Ads visibility and ensure they are not overlooked by potential customers. Making use of Ad Creation Tools that implement Ad Extensions will increase your exposure to your target audience and eventually your sales.

google adwords advertising
Google Ad with Extensions created automatically by Okiano marketing for eCommerce website

Limited Ad Variety:  when an online store limits its ads to one, it does not allow the opportunity for testing or getting to know the market’s needs or wants. As a result, it will be a difficult task to know the variety of niches the store offering can fill. Ad variety gives businesses a chance to test the market and has a detailed understanding of what type of messages and Google AdWords advertising their target audience will respond to best.


It is therefore very important to have a strong understanding of your target market to succeed. Creating a large number of ad variations and then testing the ads for a sufficient amount of time (A/B testing) for the ads to gain accurate results, will help you gain additional understanding. Once your Ads have been tested in your target market and you received the relevant feedback, you can filter out the low-performing ads from the high-performing ads. This will bring awareness to the top-performing ads in your market and your business should optimize on the positive results and use them as a baseline for your next ad variation.


It is important to know that testing ad variations should be a consistent activity for online stores as consumers are known to be extremely volatile and keeping up with the market demand changes is vital to your growth as a business.

google ppc online advertising google ads
An Automated A/B Testing of Ads with Extensions created by Okiano Marketing AI Technology

Finally, setting up a Google Ad is a very detailed orientated, yet worthwhile process with a large number of elements to pay attention to. Consistency is key and it can be achieved by learning from past mistakes, experimenting, and doing sufficient research of your target market to keep up with your constant market changes.


The ultimate goal is to gain high-quality traffic to your website and as a result, grow your sales. Being mindful of all the elements and tools that create a solid Google Ad, you will be able to capture your market to your product or service efficiently and effectively.

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