The Major Challenges Small E-commerce Businesses Face Today

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The enthusiasm of starting and running an eCommerce store for many business owners is ultimately met with the reality of the harsh market environment. It is a tough landscape for any small-sized business in any industry as competence in the global market is primarily defined with financial investment abilities. But does this mean that you have to give up on that eCommerce store?

Here, we take a look at the major challenges that small E-commerce businesses are bound to face and the simple solutions for success.


The hurdles small eCommerce businesses must overcome

1.   The ever-present risk of cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is not an option for small eCommerce businesses as the internet can be a dangerous minefield for the unwary. You cannot afford to be a victim to the many hackers and teams that are ever ready to launch cyberattacks. To avoid this, you need to have a strong Cybersecurity framework that will keep your data safe and secure. Investing in proper Cybersecurity systems is not only for your good but also for your customers who need to feel safe when shopping from your store.


2.   Cut-neck competition, especially from big brands

Every small eCommerce business must realize that no customer is ever interested in the underdog that does not put up a tough fight. There is a reason why big brands dominate various industries, the assurance of value from the products or services offered. Similarly, as a small-sized business, there must never be a reason not to tailor your store to portray a brand that is keen on serving its clients. The goal is not to get into a marathon race with brands that have deep pockets but to differentiate your store, so it is visible amidst the crowd.


3.   The ever-rising costs of operation

It is not cheap to run an eCommerce store, especially when you do not have a physical store to back it up. All operations have to be aligned right from ensuring constant availability of products to your marketing and logistics. You must be prepared to meet all these costs with an expectation of growing costs as the markets advance and your operations grow. Essentially, this means making wise financial decisions as this directly dictates how long you will last in the long voyage to success.


4.   High customer expectations

The modern consumer is sophisticated, and if your business fails to meet the expectations at hand, then you will not make that sale. Long gone are the days when the average shopper was limited in options or only made purchases when it was vital. Today, each shopper has high expectations and demands high-quality products, competitive pricing, excellent packaging, and on-time deliveries. The simplest way to meet all your customer expectations is to always live up to your promises and go the extra mile to offer value above your competition.



Small eCommerce businesses are facing a tough time breaking even in the market even as competition soars by the day. However, this does not mean that you should give in as there are many ways to overcome the many hurdles along your path. Success in the eCommerce world is the accumulation of good practices, and by taking the right path, it is only a matter of time before those numbers add up.

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