The Importance of Auditing your Google Ads as an Online Store

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No eCommerce marketing campaign is ever complete without Google Ads as these advertisements allow you to take on the world’s largest search engine. In doing this, you get to have better access to a broader market and generate more profit. But, is it enough to simply run Google Ads without evaluating where your money is going to?


The supremacy of Google Ads Audit

Every year, businesses spend billions on running Google Ads, and, unfortunately, the majority do not attain the desired value from this investment. As an online store that wants to take hold of your finances and marketing ventures, you cannot afford to ignore one thing – the power of auditing your Google Ads campaigns.

If you ever have to second-guess whether you need a thorough Google Ads Audit, then you need to remember that this is the channel to:


1. Reduce wastage spending

In the business world, it is unacceptable to continuously lose money when there are better ways to gain value. Your Google Ads budget must always reflect your business’s performance, and the best way to determine this is through an in-depth audit. In every campaign, there are always the low performers that add little to no value to your store, yet you pay for them. An audit helps you to weed out what you do not need while retaining your top performers. This is also a smart way to review your budget and evaluate if you have been receiving top value from your ventures.


2. Discover valuable data and actionable insights

Running an audit of your Google Ads account will give you access to rich and vital data. Since you are a business operation in the age of big data, this means having the advantage of strategic positioning for better market outreach. For example, analyzing your keyword data is an effective way of knowing how well your campaigns resonate with the target consumers. It will also provide you with insights into consumer behavior as you will notice the shifts in using search terms and product demands.


3. Run smarter campaigns

You need a strategy to take on any market, and without looking beyond the surface, you can never figure out what is wrong with your campaigns. Google Ads audit rectify this as they provide you with a solid foundation for having better control of your campaigns. Right from your location targeting and use of keywords to bidding strategy, an audit gives you a lifeline for successful campaigns.


4. Identify new opportunities

The eCommerce market is ever-shifting, and as an online store, you must stay abreast of these changes. A practical way to identify new market opportunities is by using the data from your Google Ads audit. It is critical to keep an eye open for new revenue opportunities as success is never an accident but the result of calculated moves. Finally, you are better positioned to plan your new marketing campaign after auditing your current account and evaluating performance. 

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