The Growing Impact and Necessity of AI in Advertising

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Artificial intelligence is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial innovations that are shaping the future of technology use. The core of AI, as it is popularly known, is to enable a machine to imitate intelligent behavior and perform a task or solve a problem. At a time when lots of industries are witnessing massive changes because of this advanced power of machines, the advertising niche has not been left behind. This makes it a strong pillar that you cannot ignore as a business that is keen on redefining your online marketing strategies for better ROIs.


Ways AI is used in advertising today

It is incredible how AI has quickly evolved from being considered a far-fetched concept to a critical solution for many processes. In the advertising world, there has always been a dependence on human expertise to create, run, and manage marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, this has always been an expensive endeavor as it is costly and time-consuming to have a team manually handle your advertisements. AI comes to the rescue by providing a smarter and quicker way to handle the behind-the-scenes activities that define a high-value campaign. The notable areas that have hugely benefited from artificial intelligence are:


1.   Automated Ad creation

Creating an advertisement that will propel the target individual to take action is never a walk in the park. The old way of creating online ads involved many hours of research, keyword analysis, and crafting copy that outshine the competitors. While that might have had immense success in the early 2000s, the eCommerce market has evolved over the years. With the increased competition and new trends in consumer behavior, it would be futile to create and run ads using this method.

Artificial intelligence, through the use of deep learning algorithms, has taken over this crucial role. Since we are in a big data age, it only makes sense that an automated machine that can break down terabytes of data in minutes should be in charge of your ad creation. The best part is that with AI, you are always assured of fully optimized ads that will have better conversions and maximize returns on your ROAS.


2.   Advertising budget management

The biggest headache for any marketing manager is optimizing their Ad spending in any campaign circle. There is a need to be conscious of where each dollar spent goes to and the value it provides. Luckily for you, with AI-enabled systems, there is a transparent and easy to monitor channel for keeping track of your ad spend plans.


3.   Targeted marketing

What is the secret to making the most of your ad campaigns? The answer is targeted marketing, and in an age of faceless marketing, it takes deep data to know your ideal audience. AI solves this problem by giving you ease in reaching out to the right audience based on their browsing and shopping behavior.



No eCommerce business can ignore AI, especially when it comes to their online marketing ventures. The future of running advertising campaigns has already been established, and any business that wants to stand out in the market has to join the winners. AI in advertising is in its early phases and can only get better, making it the yardstick for tomorrow’s market leaders.

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