Taking Action on Data Fuels eCommerce Success

Digital Marketing Automation and eCommerce Automated Advertising always revolve around data. Yet gathering enough of it is not an issue anymore, the challenge now is making sense and acting upon the data insights you have, to drive meaningful improvements for your business.


At the same time, consumers of today expect brands to give them exactly what they want in a hurry, leading marketers to use integrated data and technology, digital marketing automation, and AI for advertising to understand their audience and make those timely connections. According to a new report from Google MIT Sloan Management Review, it is noted that “companies that are spending the most on marketing technology are also the top performers.”


Technology can often be a catalyst for change driving companies to acquire the right talent internally to extract the gold that data is offering. And internal teams need real access to that data: over 80% of senior executives agree that recent technology developments in AI for advertising and machine learning found in digital marketing automation platforms help surface the insights more quickly, so your team can spend more time taking action. Marketers use machine learning and digital marketing automation platforms to help execute immediate action and serve different ads to different audiences. It also helps predict frequency capping across open auction and programmatic direct campaigns. Using an integrated marketing automation eCommerce platform that performs helps bring teams together too. It provides access to insights that serve as a bridge to teams around the office and the globe.


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