Shopify Chose Okiano’s App To Help You Increase eCommerce Sales This Holiday Season

Google Ads Optimization

With the holiday season right around the corner marketing your eCommerce site and advertising your products becomes the priority. Planning and executing a marketing strategy designed specifically for the hectic season approaching is no easy feat, which is why Shopify has selected a number of Apps to help their customers increase eCommerce sales and get noticed quickly just in time. Okiano has been selected and is now featured on the Shopify App Collection for 2020 Black-Friday to help your site become more discoverable to its target audience with half the time and effort. 


The App is using AI Google Ads management technology to automatically advertise your store, categories, and products on Google Ads and is designed to help your store increase sales by addressing the relevant users searching for your products. Okiano’s unique advertising technology and concept through Google Ads optimization provide eCommerce marketing automation solutions designed to reduce the cost of clicks and enhance your impressions being relevant on the first page of Google Search results. The advertising technology is there to help your store increase eCommerce sales conversions by bringing more relevant shoppers to your store. 


 About Okiano’s Marketing Automation

Okiano uses Machine Learning and AI to help online retailers seamlessly expand and grow through Google Ads optimization driving intent-purchases of interested customers. The AI Google Ads management technology serves to automate the creation of Search Ads from the information provided on the retailer’s eCommerce website, the product description, and the website category structure. The eCommerce marketing automation system then uploads these Ads to Google Ads creating custom campaigns that are managed by our automated AI Robots while being fully transparent to you. By using Deep and Machine Learning to figure out the intent of users Okiano is able to create KeyWords and Ads designed specifically to meet those requirements through automated Google Ads optimization.

AI Google Ads Managament

Get to know our Main Features designed to help you get noticed and increase eCommerce sales

  • Creative Magic – creates effective, great-looking ads! It’s completely automatic.
  • Smart Keywords – our AI Google Ads management system generates large numbers of relevant Keywords – even those with lower Search volumes (Long Tail KeyWords). 
  • Campaign Builder – a feature that builds more effective campaigns in Google Ads (AdWords).
  • Amplify Your Sales – an automated retargeting engine that increases your Revenues & ROI as you Scale Your Business
  • Shopping Booster – automatically creating Google Shopping campaigns that work 
  • Budget Optimizer – optimizes your Google Ads budget to yield higher ROAS
Okiano Google Ads performance Monitoring
Okiano Google Ads performance Monitoring

 What You Can Accomplish

With our easy to use Shopify app, you’ll be able to easily build the campaign you desire by providing some basic information. Shortly after providing your site details watch as Okiano automatically creates your ideal Ads, uploads them to Adwords, and adjusts the feed periodically depending on specific needs. Shopify wants its customers to increase eCommerce sales and remain happy customers, which is why Okiano was selected to provide its AdWords management services, to automatically optimize and enhance ads, keywords, and extensions in order to improve the overall site and campaign performance. We are here to help improve profitability with our automatic AI budget control and automated campaign manager there to strategically optimize Ad spend for your specific needs.


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