Result-guaranteed Strategies to Driving Quality Traffic to Your Shopify Store

The lifeline of every Shopify store is in the traffic that it is able to attract. It is what truly makes the difference between a top-performing store and one that is struggling to stay afloat. However, with Shopify increasingly becoming the preferred eCommerce platform for most businesses, it takes more than the basics to attract quality traffic.

The importance of attracting quality traffic

The primary goal of running a Shopify store is to make as many sales as possible without clients having to visit your store physically. This means that the only thing that matters is how many people you can successfully attract to your site. Generally, the more quality traffic you can gain, the higher your chances of making more sales, which means more profits.


Ways to boost traffic to your Shopify website

There are a number of foolproof ways to drive traffic to Shopify store, but the most effective ones are:


1.   Come up with a comprehensive SEO strategy

The most natural way to enhance your visibility in search engines is through search engine optimization. Typically, you need to ensure you have a fully optimized website, structure each page for the best user experience, and conduct intensive keyword research as well as competitor analysis. This should never be a one-time activity but an ever ongoing process as it keeps your Shopify store on the pathway to success. One aspect you should place full focus on is your on-page SEO as it determines the quality of traffic you will attract.


2.   Invest in Shopify Ads

Your Shopify store will never keep up with your top competitors unless you invest in competitive advertising. Shopify ads give you the advantage of sending across a compelling message to random internet users who would ordinarily never find your store. It is why you need a solid technique of crafting and running your Shopify ads as they reach out to searchers with the intention of shopping. Luckily, technology has come to the rescue, and today you can easily automate your advertisements and have the benefits of smart and profitable campaigns.


3.   Focus on content marketing

It has famously been said that content is king, and as a Shopify store, you need to be more than a platform that only features products. It is critical to go the extra mile and have content on all your pages, as this makes it easier for potential clients to be attracted and visit your website. A short product description, product comparisons, and blogs will do you more good than you ever imagined.


4.   Maintain an exciting sales strategy

With so many Shopify stores offering similar or the same products as your store, the only way to pull in more traffic is by making your sales more exciting. Go out of the way and have giveaways, offers to repeat clients, special promotions, free shipping on some products or orders above a certain price, and online contests, among others. This way, you will always be the center of focus and easily outshine your competitors.


5.   Diversify your sales channels

Your Shopify store needs to be backed by traffic from other sources such as social media pages, influencers, and other blogs. This means you will have to run social media pages, partner with influencers, and get links to your store from guest blogs or authority websites.

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