I want to put my budget lower than $750, is it possible?

Okiano Community Questions and AnswersCategory: Okiano ForumI want to put my budget lower than $750, is it possible?
Sara asked 2 years ago

Along with this marketing tool, do i also have to spend $750 for Google ads per month?

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Okiano Manager Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes, when advertising on Google Ads, one pays for every user-click on an Ad.

The Okiano service is concerned with creating the Google Ads, assigning relevant keywords that will invoke these Ads when users search for your products. The cost per click is paid by you to Google Directly through your payment means in Google Ads.

A $750 is considered the recommended minimal amount for an eCommerce store as the conversion rate can be between 1% and 4% of visitors for a good campaign, meaning that with an average click cost of around $1.00 you would like to spend a minimum of $25 per day to bring around 25 potential customers to your store in hope to make sales.

It’s also important to note that Google Robots are also learning on your website quality by the number of purchases that are being made, so that if you don’t drive enough sales, Google may avoid placing your Ads on the first page.