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Okiano – Driving Successful Growth 320% More transactions 270% More revenue 180% growth in ROAS…

Okiano - Driving Successful Growth

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More transactions
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More revenue
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growth in ROAS

Okiano helps digital advertising agencies deliver higher PPC value to their online retail customers.

We use AI to automate the entire Ad creation and advertisement process on Google Ads, identifying what makes users buy and how to reach them.


Our value proposition to our agency partners is simple, we help you provide exceptional services to your clients.


Our technology will give you an advantage and will also help you increase your capacity enabling your PPC Experts deliver more with less, increase your capacity and help you win more business!

Become an Okiano Partner
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How do we help

  • We remove Complexities
  • Crafting campaigns with effective Ads and Keywords
  • Rotating advertising strategies for maximum ROAS
  • Optimised Keywords-Ad-Landing page experience
  • A/B testing on multiple variables
  • Optimizing budget allocation
  • Maximizing ROAS* and account Growth

What’s included in our services

Automatic Campaign Setup

    • Great Creative
    • Relevant keywords
    • Automated upload to Google Ads

Increased sales

    • Search Ads
    • Automated Search Extensions
    • Google Shopping
    • Automated Display Remarketing

Operability and technology

    • Works on any site
    • Up to one-week account setup
    • Support for very large stores


Dedicated 24/7 Agency Support 

Schedule a Demo and see our Technology at Work

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