Okiano’s Partner Program – Helping Our Partners Create Excellent Google Ads Campaigns

We automate, you control, they sell more

Google Ads Campaign Structure

Get ahead of your competition

If you don’t already know about Okiano’s marketing automation solutions created from AI and Machine Learning software, then now is the time to hop aboard and get ahead on all of your Google advertising needs. Okiano’s highly intelligent system is an effective AI for eCommerce providing an effective Google Ads campaign structure. It is simple to set-up and helps digital marketing agencies increase sales for their online retail customers. Okiano achieves this by deploying AI and Machine Learning to automate the entire ad creation and advertisement process on Google Ads, identifying what makes users purchase and how to reach them more quickly and more effectively.


We’ve seen incredible success with a multitude of agencies that provide exceptional service to their clients. Our partner program enables partner-agencies to influence our product roadmap while delivering excellent Google Ad and PPC campaign services to their clients. Our partners receive permission to use Okiano’s eCommerce marketing automation software with their clients in exchange for a minor share of new revenues. We provide you with continuous excellent support, training, and a newfound success rate, while you will help us influence our development and new product features along the way.


Our software is automating and optimizing your advertising work to deliver higher PPC value to your eCommerce clients. We’re able to achieve this by using Natural-Language-Processing to craft campaigns with effective Ads and Keywords that are specifically relevant to the consumer’s intent search, bringing in more business than you’d previously enjoyed. The cost of sales for online stores is on the rise because of the vast competition and demand from retailers resulting in the rise of the cost of space on the first Google results page. Becoming a top eCommerce shop organically comes with quite a few challenges if faced alone and can take an eternity to accomplish. The competition between retailers on the first-page shifts to paid ads where there is still limited space at the top. Even if your clients are paying Google for ads they may still be ranked lower than a good chunk of their competitors.

PPC Campaign

If you’re not first you’re last

To stay profitable while increasing sales, the method for the agencies and retailers to follow, is essentially lowering PPC campaign costs while elevating exposure through the increase of first-page impressions. Okiano’s AI robots are constantly optimizing the keyword-ad-landing page experience to ensure campaigns receive a high quality and relevance score from Google while continually monitoring status and movement. The creation of these ads and associated search terms keywords, lower PPC costs, and full ad campaigns on Google Ads will deliver unmatched ROAS. Our ultimate mission is to support you, the Advertising Agencies, increase your online retail client’s sales by helping internet shoppers find the eCommerce site’s products with no hassle. 

Unlike with Brick and Mortar retailer stores, online eCommerce shops must ensure first-page placement on Google at all times. Even the strongest brands on the web must make it their priority to maintain this online presence to enable Google indexing of the site and to drive organic visits, which results in a movement of interested buyers in search of their store’s products. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the development trajectory of online advertising has changed immensely, bouncing the eCommerce industry about 4-5 years into the future, with preliminary evidence in the U.S. indicating non-linear growth and an increase of over 50% in several online sales categories.

The booming success seen by many online retail shops has attracted more businesses to join the eCommerce world and take advantage of this opportunity. This proves to be a tremendous time for Digital Advertising Agencies, however, the more online retail stores there are, the more difficult it becomes to stand out from the competition in the battle for consumer attention. Currently, the biggest problem occurring within the growing eCommerce ecosystem is the restrained amount of space on Google’s first page compared to the demand of retailers in the market. The ability to organically direct a significant amount of consumer traffic to your store is limited and the more retailers turn digital the more it takes to develop SEO and brand awareness to organically increase your online sales.

For this reason alone, competition between retailers on the first page is focused on paid advertising, and yet, the limited supply of advertising space and growing demand is constantly raising the price of revelation making it difficult for even the best Digital Advertising Agencies to deliver the desired returns for their eCommerce customers. Okiano has developed technology for eCommerce marketing automation solutions that optimizes advertising on Google Marketing platforms, helping online shoppers find what they are looking for. This technology is, therefore, helping Advertising Agencies serve their online store clients more efficiently by increasing sales volume at lower costs using AI that identifies what makes shoppers purchase.

PPC Agency

Okiano helps make Digital Marketing easy

The use of AI helps the eCommerce store advertising specialist or PPC agency in creating an effective Google ads campaign structure that works and produces real results. Okiano’s unique technology improves the connections between the customer’s query, the ad that is displayed, and the relevant product page on the retailer site. The overall quality score given to the ad by Google will improve leading to further publishing of the ad which results in yielding a higher number of impressions and a lower cost-per-click. 

If your online retail clients are using Google PPC you are invited to our free trial where you can test a few accounts while our Support Team works hand in hand with your PPC Experts to ensure excellent results and eventually become an Okiano PPC Agency Partner. We are passionate about helping digital marketing agencies increase business for their online retail customers. Through our complete eCommerce automated advertising process on Google Ads, our niche is identifying what makes users buy and how to reach them. This sets us apart from the rest of the Retail-Tech market. 

The highly intelligent software and support provide you with an unfair advantage, helping you grow your agency and provide exceptional services to your clients. Become an Okiano Agency Partner and transform completely the way you and your clients perform. Our partners receive permission to use our eCommerce automated advertising software with their clients in return for a small revenue share, meaning, you only pay if you gain and make new revenue. If your goal is enhancing the value you provide to your customers and increasing your capacity to win more business, then partnering with Okiano’s automated advertising technology will help you do that at full tilt without growing overheads.

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