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Okiano helps digital marketing agencies grow the business of their online retail customers. We use AI to automate the entire Ad creation and advertisement process on Google Ads, identifying what makes users buy and how to reach them.

You want to grow your agency and provide exceptional services to your clients.
We’ll give you an unfair advantage with our software and support.

Partner with us and our technology will help you enhance the value you give to your customers and increase your capacity wining  more business!

Become an Okiano Partner

What is Okiano's "Agency Partner Program"?

Okiano’s Agency Partner Program will transform the way you and your clients perform.

The Okiano Agency Partner Program is a ZERO INVESTMENT program for marketing agencies delivering Google Ads advertisement services to their clients.

Our partners receive permission to use Okiano automation software with their clients in return to share of new revenues.

We provide you with excellent support, training, and you can even influence our development of new product features.


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NOTE: At the present time our technology supports advertisement in the English language only.