Okiano Marketing vs. Marin Software


At a time when everyone is rushing to invest in high-value marketing tools, you cannot be left behind as an eCommerce store owner. The growing competition in the online retail sector has necessitated out-of-the-box thinking as it is the only way to keep attracting more clients. In the search for the right software for your digital marketing campaigns, Okiano Marketing and Marin software are top options for consideration. Here, we look at how these two platforms compare and the value they provide to your marketing ventures.


The power of Artificial Intelligence

Okiano Marketing was created to drive successful eCommerce retailer growth by leveraging the endless potentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The introduction of deep and machine learning Ai Automation in eCommerce, an Internet arena characterized by the many products and crowded competition, was always envisioned to be a solid solution that would transform online marketing. True to expectations, Okiano Marketing has redefined the approach to creating and running Google Ad campaigns as the entire process relies on an intelligent system. As a result, the platform effortlessly produces high-quality ads that enable online store users to achieve higher engagement rates and boost their traffic volume.

On the other hand, Marin Software is an enterprise marketing system that brings search, social, and eCommerce advertising under a single roof. It works by implementing sophisticated algorithms and methods for making it easier for marketers and marketing agencies to align their ad campaigns with the best practices in their particular industries. However, unlike Okiano Marketing, the platform requires expert management to utilize the full capacity of the system. This limits its potentials as users need to be PPC experts in the absence of the experience that AI delivers when it takes over an entire advertising campaign.


Hassle-free, complete advertising campaign management

Marin Software functions as a complementary marketing tool for online stores and marketing agencies as it helps align, optimize, and integrate ad campaigns. As such, it provides the desired boost to the expert work, amplifying campaigns to improve performance based on the available data that it analyzes and uses to provide market insights and bidding improvements.

Okiano Marketing helps online stores overcome the complex setup and run of a high-quality campaign. These campaigns need to take data taken from the store and the internet, comparing competition and understanding relevant search volume and ad placement parameters at setup and while running the ads in production. It does this by giving users the human-like expertise of a powerful AI system that will quickly collect information from an online store and then start an online campaign from scratch. Equally, you can also use it to augment an existing campaign by taking over the vital role of creating effective Google Ads. The best part is that it does all this using relevant information gathered from your store that it analyses against industry knowledge and best practices. This makes Okiano Marketing an innovative, easy, and profitable PPC management platform for a truly hassle-free experience.



There is no doubt that it has become nearly impossible to run advertising campaigns without the proper marketing. In turn, shopping for the perfect marketing tool is critical, and Okiano Marketing has proven to be a relevant and futuristic platform for the online store that demands more.

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