Okiano Marketing vs. AdStage


It takes a lot to find the ultimate tool that will simplify your digital marketing campaign. With thousands of platforms developed to assist you in running ad campaigns, settling for a single tool is always a tough battle. In turn, finding you have to choose between Okiano Marketing and AdStage, which are highly rated platforms, is a big challenge. Luckily for you, we provide a comparison of these two platforms for you to determine the one that will completely transform your digital campaigns.


An analytical platform versus a fully automated PPC management platform

Okiano Marketing was developed as an automated eCommerce advertising platform that would make it simple for users to create and run high-quality ad campaigns. It relies on the magic of proprietary developed Artificial Intelligence technology to create excellent ads for online stores. By using deep machine learning, Okiano Marketing can auto-generate ads and auto-discover keywords that will optimize your campaigns. This platform’s competitive edge is that it quickly learns about a store and uses a rich database about the market to craft its Ads. That is how it provides for a true hands-free experience when it comes to creating, optimizing, and running Google Ads campaigns.

AdStage, on the other hand, is focusing on delivering analytical value for marketers who want to have better and deeper insights into their digital campaigns. It easily integrates with advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, and more to provide closed-loop reporting. As such, it is an excellent tool for bringing data to life, especially for businesses that want cross-channel reports and ease in managing ad campaigns on different platforms. This is made possible by its automated campaign monitoring and optimization capabilities.

The glaring difference between Okiano Marketing and AdStage is that the former can create complete ad campaigns based on your store products and categories through fully automated AI advertising, and run them in production to boost your sales. Okiano technology and service analyzes your online store and the market you sell to, to come up with advertisements that sell. AdStage puts up a good fight in analyzing different ad campaigns across different channels but falls short of taking over the critical process of ad and keyword creation.


The power of automation

A common feature that users of Okiano Marketing and AdStage love is how these platforms utilize the power of automation. In AdStage, you will get to create optimization rules that will allow you to rotate and schedule ads based on schedule and performance. This will be helpful for your campaigns as it gives you a better channel for achieving higher ROAS. Similarly, Okiano Marketing has its ads fully automated and optimized, thanks to never-ending A/B testing and rotating of advertising strategies.



Ecommerce stores that want to completely transform their ad campaigns and attract more traffic will highly benefit from using Okiano Marketing. This platform makes it possible for you to fully automate your PPC advertising and avoid the hassle of seeking data before running your campaigns. Instead, it gives you market-ready advertisements that have a higher quality score for better market outreach.


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