Okiano Marketing vs. AdScale

Okiano vs Adscale

Are you looking for a better way to advertise your eCommerce store on Google? Then you need to invest in an advertising platform that will supercharge your outreach ventures and give you better value for money. At a time when technology has taken over the markets, there is the unavoidable need to invest in the right tools that will improve your ad campaigns. In your search for solution, you are probably wondering how Okiano Marketing compares to AdScale. Here, we look at the two platforms and to help you choose the better option for your business.


Automated eCommerce advertising versus better ad management platform

Today, successful advertising is all about how best you can use data to target the right audience. In this aspect, Okiano Marketing has managed to stand out from the crowd as it brings AI into advertising. It uses advanced AI algorithms and deep machine learning to understand a store and its target market. This then becomes its basis for creating ads that are fully optimized for high performance at lower costs. The ability to automatically create excellent ads and find the best keywords is the defining power of this platform that works without requiring digital marketing experts.

On the other hand, AdScale is an AI-driven software that was developed with the singular aim of helping digital marketers to optimize and automate PPC management. It works by providing better analysis and data to eCommerce stores so they can run highly targeted advertising. As such, it reduces the time that marketers would spend analyzing data by allowing them to focus more on creating ads based on the search text ads provided. AdScale’s also has an AI optimization that kicks in once your ads go live, allowing you to monitor your performance across different platforms.

The primary difference between these two platforms is that Okiano Marketing works on a true auto-pilot mode that does not require the input of a marketer. It uses a new concept of advanced proprietary machine learning algorithms to collect data and build knowledge. This knowledge is then used to create high-quality ads that have higher engagement and will boost traffic volume. On the contrary, AdScale makes it simpler for marketers to have access to better data and insights about their campaigns so they can make the right adjustments.


The growing impacts of artificial intelligence

Both Okiano Marketing and AdScale have adopted AI in advertising, proving the growing influence of intelligent technologies in marketing. For scale, AI technology is primarily used for performance optimization, making it possible to make real-time changes for better campaigns. Meanwhile, Okiano Marketing uses AI on a whole new level as it fully automates advertising by creating smart ads.



In the pursuit of the ultimate advertising platform, Okiano Marketing outshines AdScale as it provides a true hands-free online advertising experience. It eliminates the need to maintain a full-time online advertising team as it eases the process it takes to create and run campaigns. By entirely relying on artificial intelligence to develop highly competitive Google Ads that sell, there is never a need to worry about your marketing campaigns.


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