Okiano Marketing vs. Adroll


Are you after a machine learning engine that will make it simpler and faster for you to generate and run Advertising campaigns for your eCommerce store? There are many options in the market, but popular alternatives for online stores that demand more are Okiano Marketing and Adroll. This leads to the big question; which of these platforms is the better alternative. This article brings a quick overview of these platforms focusing on what differentiates them and outlining their defining strengths.


A fully automated PPC management platform versus an all-in-one ad management platform

The defining strength of Okiano Marketing is in how well it has introduced artificial intelligence (AI) in advertising. The platform brings to practice the true potentials of deep learning and AI technologies for smart advertisements. Its practicality is in the ability to completely take over a PPC campaign and deliver comparable, or even better results than a human would. This is because it relies on an intelligent system that uses collected and analyzed data to auto-create advertisements and adjust bids in near-real-time. Even though Okiano today is limited to creating and managing advertising campaigns only on Google marketing platforms (Search, Shopping, Display, and remarketing), its technology allows online store owners to shift their focus to running their businesses rather than having to create and manage ads. 


On the other hand, Adroll is a marketing platform, offering eCommerce users a range of tools that will make it simpler for them to advertise their eCommerce businesses. It is primarily centered around breaking down data and delivering it in simple, and actionable insights that can be used to improve the marketing campaigns. These core features make it the ultimate tool for getting better data, solving many of the complexities associated with cross-channel campaign monitoring, and retargeting visitors to the store. The many features that Adroll offers to marketers are its defining highlight, but this equally comes with the burden of having to master using the platform.


The functions of Okiano Marketing and Adroll might seem similar from a distance, but they are quite different. Okiano Marketing is pre-tailored for eCommerce stores that want to use the lowest cost in Google Ads creation and be assisted by advanced technology for managing their PPC campaigns. On the other hand, Adroll is a marketer’s companion that allows for better management of cross-channel campaigns. It works best for individuals and PPC Agencies who have great advertising skills and want to improve on their deliverables by making better use of data and market insights. Meanwhile, Okiano Marketing takes over the PPC campaign for the eCommerce stores offering a hands-free marketing experience that delivers excellent results.


Ability to make better use of data

One thing you will love about Okiano Marketing and Adroll is that they both allow you to make better use of data. Adroll relies on a database that has been built for over a decade, while Okiano Marketing utilizes advanced proprietary machine learning algorithms. This enables the engine to quickly learn about a store, collect relevant data related to its target market/audience, and create high-value ads without a human expert.



The solution for a simplified advertising solution has been made a reality with Okiano Marketing. At a time when there are millions of stores all competing for attention, advertising effectively and lowering the cost of sales with a full-time team is becoming increasingly difficult. Luckily, Okiano Marketing offers a no-hassle solution that allows you to run high conversion ads without sending valuable hours trying to find the best formula for these campaigns.


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