Okiano Marketing vs. Acquisio


The biggest concern for any business owner with an online store is how fast they can drive traffic to their website. This means having to run highly intelligent marketing campaigns that will increase sales at profit and provide better value to the business. Still, there is a challenge to actualizing this as everyone is invested in their marketing, and it takes much more to stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, this leads to the need for investing in powerful marketing tools that can achieve so much for your campaigns. In your search for the right tools to use, you may have to choose between Okiano Marketing and Acquisio. Here, we look at these two platforms and how they compare.


A fully automated advertising engine versus an AI-powered Ad management platform

What is the biggest challenge for an online store that is running a PPC campaign? It is definitely creating and running high-quality ads that are tailored to suit its target audience. Well, Okiano Marketing addresses this problem by utilizing Deep Machine Learning and AI technologies to create, analyze, and optimize PPC campaigns. Unlike most marketing platforms, this advertising engine does much more than provide data and insights for running campaigns. Instead, it utilizes the data and market insights generated to auto-create Google Ads, find the most relevant keywords that will trigger these ads, and link the most relevant store-landing paged that will be the destination for customers clicking on these ads. This gives users the ease of coming up with high-quality ads as they do not have to spend hours developing new ads, running Keyword research, or optimizing campaigns.


Acquisio is a marketer’s tool that provides a range of features that allow for competitive campaign management. It makes use of AI to automate the manual tasks that are time-consuming, allowing marketing agencies to do more in a shorter period. Users also appreciate that it can be used for integrating multiple marketing campaigns, a feature that makes it useful for marketing agencies. The simplified reports that Acquisio provides makes it easy for agencies to monitor their campaigns as they track KPIs without much effort.


The primary roles of Okiano Marketing and Acquisio are very different, despite both being used in PPC campaigns. Okiano Marketing runs profitable Google ads that are auto-created using deep machine learning and AI algorithms for their customers. It does not need the control of a digital marketer PPC Expert, as the system takes charge of all roles right from data analysis to A/B testing and rotating advertisements. In the end, it gives online store owners an affordable and hands-free advertising channel that will deliver the results they desire.


The growing usage of machine learning

Despite the difference between Okiano Marketing and Acquisio, both bring the powers of machine learning to the table. As eCommerce becomes the norm, the modern consumer has become more sophisticated and must seek to understand their audience better for success. Machine learning utilizes advanced algorithms to determine market behavior, making it easier for you to tailor your ads to suit their needs.



Online stores are all concerned about finding the right marketing tools that will enable them to grow by making it easier for them to reach out to all potential clients. Okiano Marketing gains an edge over Acquisio by providing users with an AI-dependent engine that will work behind the scenes to create high-quality campaigns at lower costs.

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