Okiano is now available on the BigCommerce App Marketplace!

Okiano is now available on the BigCommerce App Marketplace!

Leave 2020 in the past and slide into 2021 with a bang by revolutionizing the way you drive your sales and scale your company brand. 


This year it’s time to say goodbye to everything that’s been holding your eCommerce store back and say hello to Okiano’s latest advertising technology.


The Okiano App is now easily discoverable on the BigCommerce marketplace (search for Okiano or Google Ads) to help you automate your marketing efforts and get you to the first page of Google results.


Okiano’s eCommerce automated advertising App will advertise your entire store, either by starting a new Google Ads campaign from scratch or by augmenting your existing campaigns with additional fresh Ads and new Keywords.


Okiano’s AI Automated advertising technology ensures your campaigns achieve a higher-quality score, driving more impressions and clicks while minimizing CPC costs, and elevating your ROAS.


All you need to do is install the app, fill in your store details, set your advertising budget, and start driving high-quality traffic to your store.


The Okiano App analyzes your store products and categories to automatically create excellent campaigns, uploads them to Google Ads, and continuously update that feed with freshly generated Ads and Keywords.


In no time, you will see an increase in sales as Okiano will automatically optimize and enhance your Google Ads, Keywords, and Extensions, improving your campaigns’ performance on a live, ongoing basis. An AI budget control automates budget allocation for different campaigns managing and optimizing Ad spend to yield maximum ROAS. All you need to do to improve profitability is set your budget and worry about the competitiveness of your website with quality products, service, onsite promotions, and discounts. Leave the rest up to our machine learning and AI advertising robots.


With the easy-to-use App now available also for BigCommerce stores, you need only provide a few pieces of information to set up an excellent Google Ads campaign. Onboarding is quick and easy as the system guides through connecting your BigCommerce Store, your Google Ads, and Google Analytics accounts to the Okiano advertising Machine. 


BigCommerce wants its customers to boost eCommerce sales with only the best and latest advertising technology, which we accomplish through AI automation and optimizations of Ads and enhancements of keywords and extensions to increase campaign performance and store sales and revenues.

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