Ofer Hendin & Anthony Zysblat Featured on eCommerce Fastlane Podcast

For eCommerce brands, the cost of getting on the first page can be a “make or break”. We knew AI can lower the cost of advertising & increase sales at profit.

Ofer and Anthony were recently featured on the eCommerce Fastlane podcast where they spoke with Steve Hutt about how Okiano helps eCommerce companies scale their business with fast, affordable, and effective Google Ads.

What Was Discussed

  • How to increase revenue and profit while reducing advertising costs with Google Search.
  • How AI is helping Shopify brands scale their Google Ads campaigns.
  • How to get a higher impression rate on Google and at a significantly lower cost per click.
  • How AI and advanced machine learning is a competitive advantage for many Shopify brands.

Links And Resources Mentioned

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