Make Data The King For Your Ecommerce Marketing

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“We are flying blind. I repeat; we are flying blind!”

During the Second World War, this was the expression used by pilots who were in danger as they could not see the horizon. Most of the time, if the radio team could not provide directional control, then a crash was inevitable.

Back to your eCommerce marketing, analytics and data are the pillars of fine-tuning your campaigns so that you do not fly blind. This is why data is the true king of marketing, as it is the vital pillar upon which your marketing ventures either hold up or quickly crumble. As a business, this leaves you with no choice but to be more agile in using data in your daily operations.

Making your marketing data-centric

It is easy to assume that you can wake up, come up with marketing campaign goals, and set out to accomplish them. Unfortunately, this cannot be further from the truth, as we are in an age where success and failure are determined by the cogs that define our operations. The lack of a data-centric decision-making base for your marketing campaigns is one of the primary cogs that will make your marketing inefficient.

So, how do you make your marketing data-centric?

Embracing e-commerce analytics and AI-driven, machine learning solutions

Every aspect of digital marketing is hinged on data. Unfortunately, tons of data is generated daily, and it is becoming harder and harder to keep up with all this information. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about manually digging through terabytes of data when you can embrace eCommerce analytics.

Since marketing has become more of a science than art, there is little room for guesswork. Advanced eCommerce analytics tools take over this critical role by breaking down the data into useful insights, analytics, stats, trends, product performance, and other important metrics. This then gives you a strong foundation for making fundamental marketing decisions based on market demands and customer behavior.

The growing age of AI in eCommerce marketing

It is not enough to use eCommerce data analytics tools for learning market trends and understanding consumer behavior. Technology advancements have made it easier to employ this rich database to run your marketing campaigns with great ease. Machine learning and AI in advertising now allow you to fully automate your campaigns so that you never have to worry about how you use data.

End-to-end eCommerce advertising automation software such as Okiano Marketing now allows you to run PPC campaigns without much hassle. The software will analyze your store and make use of industry insights and data to come up with high-value ads. Since these advertisements are created with the market as its primary field of vision, they offer better results than those created manually. This is because they align with the latest best practices and are driven by valuable data analytics.


The eCommerce marketing landscape is ever advancing and becoming more competitive by the day. A definite channel to staying in touch with all these shifts is to rely on data as the king for your marketing efforts. 


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