Keeping Up With Online Search Trends As A Shopify Store Owner

Keeping Up With Online Search Trends As A Shopify Store Owner


The popularity of Shopify as an eCommerce store platform is growing by the day. A major shift in how consumers reach out to brands has been the primary reason why you have to be pleased about owning a Shopify store. Still, this comes with its fair share of challenges as you have to outshine the many competitors targeting your primary market base.

It comes as no surprise that Shopify has, from its inception, been making it easy for store owners to link their stores with Google. As the largest search engine, the sheer traffic from this source is too big to be ignored by businesses. But, with a lot of users and data going through this platform, there needs to be a ‘filter’ that allows you to only focus on what’s important. This leaves you with no option but to master how to use the latest online search trends to benefit your Shopify store.


Online search trends you cannot ignore in 2021 as a Shopify store owner

The pandemic has led to a shift in consumer behavior, and as a Shopify store owner out for success, you cannot ignore trends. For 2021, here are the biggest trends that will help you attract more customer attention and grow those sales:


Online Voice Searches

There has been a rise in the percentage of online users who opt for voice searches. This has been enhanced with the development of voice command assistants such as Siri that have made browsing the web easier. Optimizing your store and ads for voice searches is necessary to stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of sophisticated customers.


Shopping-specific searches

Shoppers today do not do general searches when looking for a product online. This is why you need to tailor your ad to suit shopping-specific searches. The best part is that you can automate your PPC campaigns to leverage machine learning to create ads that fit current trends.


Local searches with curbside pickup option

The pandemic has made people demand instant logistic services. This has led to more local searches, with options for curbside pickup options being preferred. As A Shopify Store, you can leverage this to create a primary niche market within your geographical location. This way, you can run your operation online while giving nearby shoppers the freedom of picking their shopping at any time.


Virtual services

Today, clients need a personal connection with businesses, and the best way to do this is by offering enhanced shopping experiences using virtual services. These include the use of live chats, customer rating reviews, chatbots, and shopping assistant tools. You can always use these services to prioritize personalized shopping by better understanding your customer’s behavior.



Shopify takes the lead as one of the most popular eCommerce stores worldwide, but it also comes with an enhanced level of competition you must keep up with. Being in touch with the current online search trends is a definite channel to better understanding the market and outshining your competition. 


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