Is It Time To Invest In eCommerce SMS Marketing?

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The primary goal of every eCcommerce store is to reach out to as many potential customers as possible and convert these leads into sales. In the effort to drive as much traffic to their online stores, most businesses have forgotten the power of text messages. Advancements in technology have made many online retailers view SMS as an outdated communication tool. But is this the reality?


The explosion in eCommerce SMS marketing

Unlike the perception of many online retailers, SMS marketing has proven to be a reliable and effective way of reaching out to customers. To have a better view of how impactful sending an SMS can be to your campaign, let us have a look at the numbers according to a recent study;

  • 98% of text messages are read by the end of every day
  • 32% of consumers respond to SMS marketing from a brand (compare to email marketing’s 20% open rate and 2% click-thru rate)
  • SMS engagements are six to eight times higher than Email engagements.


The winning edge for eCommerce SMS Marketing

The growing impact of eCcommerce marketing has not been by mistake as it is hinged on our behavior with phones. We have become accustomed to our phones since they are our primary communication devices. Their small sizes have further enhanced this as we always have our phones with us at any given moment. As such, once we receive a message, we will be quick to open it and go through its content.


This has been the winning edge for eCommerce marketing as there is always the guarantee that the message will be received and read by most recipients. In marketing, this is a big win as you will have broken the first barrier, which is having your marketing or promotional message delivered. It gets better as most people still prefer to communicate via SMS despite there being lots of social media channels within their reach. This is primarily driven by the assurance that the text message sent will be read almost immediately.


For your eCommerce business, the confidence in a higher level of engagement by using text messages will equally see more clients with purchase intent reach out. It will further create trust as there will be a direct channel for communications available 24 hours a day. Most importantly, you will love the ease through which you can use SMS to support other marketing mediums. For example, if you are running an offer in your store, you could always send the promo codes and links that clients can use through text messages.


The flexibility in using SMS for your marketing campaigns

Once you decide to use SMS for marketing, you do not have to think of this platform as a billboard. As a rule, always avoid the temptation to only use this tool for direct marketing. Get creative and use your text messages in other ways by sending conversational marketing texts, celebratory texts, reward & loyalty texts, promotional campaigns, and customer service texts.


Note: There are SMS marketing regulations that you need to factor in before you start using this tool in your campaigns. Be aware of all these rules as there is a thin line between what is acceptable and violations that are punishable in laweC

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