How To Run Your eCommerce Google Ads Like A Pro in 2021

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What keeps an eCommerce store afloat in the current business landscape?

The answer is simple; never-ending online advertising.

But, that is not the big question as this is an operational pillar that every online shop owner realizes sooner rather than later. The point where the rubber meets the road is the biggest concern as almost everyone is advertising their stores, but only a small percentage gets true value for money.

Narrowing down to the biggest search engine, Google, this leads to the question – how do you manage your store’s PPC advertising like a pro?

Understanding the best practices of running Ecommerce Google Ads

It is baffling that most eCommerce store owners do not understand the best practices of using Google Ads despite being the most common form of PPC advertising. The first phase to making your PPC campaigns valuable is to know what really defines core competence when running ads on Google’s search network. Here are the top tips to have at hand:

1.   Your ads are only as good as your landing pages

A common mistake that defies the guidebook of Google Ads campaigns is not paying attention to your landing pages. While having a broad category of products for your eCommerce store is the right market approach, you will hardly convert your leads if your ad lands users on the wrong pages. An ad copy that targets clients looking for ‘men’s hiking boots’ fails to be effective if the landing page leads to your general category of ‘shoes.’

The other common mistake is the landing page failing to reflect the captivating details that made the ad copy interesting. For example, if you had a 50% off sale, then the landing page should make this clear for your target audience.

2.   It’s a customer’s world.

Have you heard about Responsive Search ads (RSAs)? Google has given customers more power to dictate the kind of ads they can see by basing its search results on a user’s search terms. Essentially, this means that your Google ads stop being effective if their headlines, ad copy, and CTAs are not optimized for these terms. Luckily, you can easily generate multiple ads for your products by automating your eCommerce advertising to leverage AI and machine learning.

3.   The winners focus on retargeting.

Digital advertising is no longer child’s play as you have to go after the ones who got away. According to research, close to 98% of first-time visitors to your website will never visit again. This means that the only way you can arouse their interest is through smart retargeting. The good news is that this does not have to be a hassle when you can rely on automated eCommerce advertisements to tailor your ads for the retargeted audiences.


The competitive eCommerce landscape is no longer for the faint-hearted. Emerging as a winner today means always being ahead of the curve, and when it comes to running your PPC campaigns, the answer lies in automation. As customers become more sophisticated, automating your eCommerce advertisement allows you to be in touch with market needs and run high-conversions ads.

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