How to reduce Google AdWords cost per click

You invest in digital advertising and drive interested people to your shop. The traffic parameters you measure are satisfactory, and you want to know how to reduce Google AdWords cost per click for your store to be more profitable. Learning how to increase conversion in AdWords and minimize your CPA (Cost per Action) is crucial.  You want to ensure your visitor turns into a customer. But, as you already know, many of your visitors are just “window shopping”, so your mission is to turn that window shopper into a buyer that will purchase the product from you. Now, this is not a trivial task and you will require some eCommerce marketing and AdWords experience. To do this well, you need to understand your user, your competition, how to increase conversions in AdWords, and many other factors that are influencing the visitor to your website.


Here is a shortlist of things to consider when asking yourself “How can I increase purchases in my shop and how to reduce Google AdWords cost per click” and make better returns.


User experience – may not be the number one reason people are not completing the transaction, but it is certainly high in the priority list of things to improve. Your website may be cluttered or arranged confusingly. If you are lacking AdWords experience you may want to consider a professional review like AdWords management services, but there are many things you can do yourself.

  1. Ask real people to visit and purchase on your website. Look over their shoulder – and see what they do. You may be surprised to find out that they get lost in places you were certain are clear to everyone.
  2. Use user website navigation recording tools like Record your users as they navigate through your website and identify the exact points where they quit or lose interest. These are the points you will need to fix.


Look and feel – you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure your website looks professional. The first impression of your visitor can make the difference between a buy or skip decision. A professionally looking website will provide the confidence one needs to make the purchase. It can even influence the price your prospective customer is willing to pay. Users are willing to pay more if they have the confidence that they are facing a reliable merchant


Less is more – crowded websites leave a non-professional taste. Trying to push the user to purchase by flashing “Buy Now” buttons usually have a negative effect.


Product price – determining the right price for your products is an art. You need to ensure that the product quality you convey is right for the price you are asking for, but you also need to be constantly aware of the competition, and how much they charge for similar products.


Checkout process – the checkout is the most important user interaction flow with your website. Everybody understands the criticality of this sequence of steps whose purpose is to ensure the user completes the purchase, yet many eCommerce websites fail exactly at this point.  Ensure a smooth and quick checkout and do not lose buyers at the last moment.


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