How the COVID Pandemic Has Changed Consumer Shopping Behavior (Ecommerce Trends To Watch)

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise and affected humanity in the most unimaginable ways. Nations ordered lockdowns, international travel came to a standstill, factories and industries closed down, and only the most essential businesses were allowed to open. Even for these businesses, there was a huge difference in the handling of their day-to-day operations. The pandemic has, in all evaluations, been a true test of our abilities to face a mega-crisis while working towards a better tomorrow.

Even as people had to spend weeks indoors, many brick and mortar businesses were forced to close down. This meant an increased focus on eCommerce stores as they bridged the gap between the customer and desired products or services. Therefore, it was not surprising that the eCommerce industry witnessed the highest demand from online shoppers during the pandemic’s peak. The accelerated shift towards online shopping consequently triggered new trends that studies show are here to stay. For your eCommerce business, this means the need for quick adaptation and embrace of these trends.


The Top Emerging Pandemic Trends


1.   Mindful and cost-conscious shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the fragile financial backing that many individuals and families have. Retail consumers have had to take a more profound and better look into their personal concerns as there is the realization that financial security is essential. This has led to consumers being mindful and cost-conscious when shopping as priority is given to essential products over luxuries. Nevertheless, while doing this, shoppers are also factoring in their favorite activities, which has led to an increase in the demand for digital products and services, e.g., online gym/yoga sessions, electronics, and cooking lessons.


2.   Increased focus on local and independent businesses

Since families had to spend weeks at home without the flexibility of moving around, communities started focusing on businesses around them. Instead of ordering a product from a store located in another state or city, consideration was given to local and independent businesses. This has redefined the e-commerce landscape by providing the underdogs with a fighting chance. Essentially, this means it is time to narrow down your market focus as a small or mid-sized eCommerce store that wants to build customer loyalty.


3.   High consideration for local deliveries

One way that local businesses have hugely benefited during the pandemic is their capability to make on-time and quick local deliveries. This has become the top consideration for anyone shopping online as it redefines convenience and makes eCommerce highly practical.


4. The convenience of curbside pickup


Finally, there has been a sudden rise in the demand for curbside pickup, which many people embraced for the first time during the pandemic. Primarily, this is where the shopper orders products online, and the store gets to fulfill the order and package them. The client will then pass through the store just to pick up their products without stepping into the store.



The pandemic has transformed the eCommerce landscape, and even as normalcy resumes, several shopping trends will remain with us. Consumer behavior is an aspect that you can never overlook, and with these new trends, you can forge a channel for the success of your online store. 


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