How can you attract the attention of potential customers on Google?

Photo by Taras Shypka on Unsplash

Attracting potential customers on Google is challenging when considering that 95% of people searching on Google never make it past the first page. 


Reaching the first page in the quest to gain more user visibility is a challenging game of trial, error, and maintenance. Marketers across the web are competing for a spot on the first-page, by using relevant keyword and SEO best practices within high-quality web content. 


Getting your site to appear organically through SEO is not an immediate solution. Implementing a meticulous search engine optimization strategy can still take months or even years to generate a decent Google rank.


The only way to increase sales using Google’s search engine is by creating intelligent quality Ads on Google’s search results and implementing a Google Adwords campaign management strategy, which proves to be no easy feat.


Luckily, Okiano’s AI robots monitored by our Google Ads experts can take care of this challenging task if you are an eCommerce store looking to grow.


Merchants who have added their URLs to Okiano’s system have witnessed their inventory analyzed and transformed into professionally made keywords, quality automated marketing campaigns, and ads ready to go.


The campaigns that Okiano creates are built to avoid common money-bleeding errors that even eCommerce Marketing professionals and Google Ads experts can fall guilty of from time to time.


We use effective targeting to show your ads to selected audiences only, keywords based on your actual inventory. We use all the available ad extensions to maximize screen space for your ad. As a result, Okiano doesn’t just create automated marketing campaigns and place your ads on Google; it matches your store with the perfect audience.


Google AdWords campaign management is difficult, but with Okiano’s highly intelligent system, you can have effective and relevant ads created and securely managed for you in a matter of hours. 


Our pricing model is built to help you get started with even a small monthly investment. Choose to pay commission based on your Advertising Spend on the amount of Sales Okiano Robots are delivering.


Start now, and see your sales grow fast with Okiano’s eCommerce automated advertising solutions!

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