Have You Been Reading Your Marketing Reports?

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Nobody really likes reporting despite being an integral part of any operation. This is because reports are pre-gauged to be boring as they involve lots of figures, numbers, and data that are hard to brainstorm over. Nevertheless, if you are in the business world, you understand that reports can be transformed into fun and valuable sources of information about a project.

In marketing, many businesses make the mistake of ignoring the importance of campaign reports. This is a terrible mistake regardless of whether you are running campaigns in-house or you outsource these services. Reports are the ultimate proof and check of the performance of your marketing ventures, and you cannot afford to be in the dark about these facts.


Importance of marketing campaign reports

If you have not been going through campaign reports and relying on ‘instincts’ or ‘good sales’ to undermine their importance, it is time to make a U-turn. Marketing campaign reports are irreplaceable in your overall strategy as they are a reliable source for:

  • Measuring important metrics about the campaign such as ROI, customer acquisition cost, sales qualified leads, and the number of first-time clients.
  • Tracking your customers’ journey and having better insights into your target market
  • Re-aligning the goals of your marketing and sales team
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses in your campaigns


Making marketing reporting fun and more impactful.

As a business, you can never improve your bottom line without considering the impacts of your marketing actions. The essence of investing in marketing is attracting market attention from the right quarters and gaining more long-term clients. Therefore, without taking time to evaluate the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns, you cease to be in touch with the realities of marketing.

The good news is that marketing reports do not have to be complicated or boring. Analytics have evolved thanks to machine learning and AI, making it possible for campaign data to be broken down into simple insights and stats. This has been one of the main reasons why automating your PPC campaigns has become integral for the success of your business. As a result, you will not only get to have advanced technologies run your advertisements but you are assured of transparent reports that tell a story.

Okiano Marketing takes the lead as one of the highly sought-after eCommerce PPC management platforms that offer insightful marketing reports. This has become a major highlight of its functionality as it allows clients to actively keep track of their campaigns. Furthermore, since the platform is fully dependent on AI and machine learning, its reports offer deeper and better insights to businesses.



The business that is bound to keep rising in the future is wholly dependent on how best it can use its data access. When it comes to digital marketing, campaign reports are as important as the effort and channels you use to reach your target audience. If you have not been reading these reports and using the data gained from them, it is time to rethink the future and value of marketing to your business. 


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