Harnessing The Power of PPC Automation as an Ecommerce Store Owner

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Running an eCommerce store today has become quite challenging. Right from managing the serious competition from businesses targeting a similar market to the ever-changing consumer habits, each day is a learning experience. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you cannot overcome these challenges, especially when competitively marketing your store to attract more clients.

The problem is that everyone has become so aggressive in their marketing that it is not enough to keep running marketing campaigns. You need a super combination of the right strategies and marketing techniques to outshine the competition. This means that you have to be fully invested in your marketing, which unfortunately takes a lot of time and effort.

So, how do you find a middle ground where you do not spend too much money and time on marketing while achieving your primary objectives?


The world of PPC automation

The only business that does not advertise is one that does not exist or a brand so strong it naturally attracts attention. Your eCommerce store is neither of these, and you need a solid PPC campaign to keep reaching out to the right audience. If you are focused on taking your eCommerce store to the next level, you need to embrace PPC automation.


Why PPC automation?

Technology is ever-evolving, and we have gotten to a point where machine learning and AI are taking over. PPC automation allows you to rely on these technologies to create high-value Google ads that will sell easily. It reduces the pressure on your marketing team as they do not have to spend hours on end crafting and optimizing ads for your store. Instead, you get to use advanced machine learning to auto-generate ads based on effective keywords that have been auto-discovered based on online searches.


How effective is PPC automation?

Running effective PPC campaigns is demanding on any marketing team as it involves conducting repetitive tasks that include:

  • Never-ending keyword research
  • Creating creative ad copy
  • Managing bids
  • A/B testing to find high-value ads
  • Generating reports on your PPC campaigns

PPC automation saves you from these duties by allowing you to effortlessly manage your advertisements with a few clicks of the button. The best part is that once you have set up an automated PPC campaign that offers end-to-end eCommerce advertising, you can sit back and enjoy the results.

Numbers do not lie, and businesses that have struggled with their PPC campaigns continue to attain amazing growth sales with PPC automation. A case study of Livia that opted for Okiano’s automated Google ads saw them achieve a 61% increase in conversion rate and 310% more clicks. For eCommerce stores, this is just the tip of the iceberg for a technology that is redefining competition in the crowded landscape.



With millions of eCommerce stores fighting for market dominance, PPC campaigns are a channel to gaining core competence. It gets better as you can now rely on advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to run high-quality ad campaigns with amazing ROAS. This means no more wasting time creating ads from scratch or over-spending on advertisements without achieving the desired results.

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