Automated Google Shopping Ads for eCommerce

Okiano eCommerce AI Advertising Technology boosts sales for online retailers by creating excellent Google Ads Campaigns with Optimized “Keywords → Ads → Store Page” that achieves High Quality-Score and Low Click-Costs. Our campaigns will ensure your presence on the front page with 100 X more effective PPC campaigns.

How It Works

End to end automation of eCommerce Google ads advertising 


Automatic Creation of Ad Variations


Identifying Best Performing Ads


Performance Learning Campaign Tuning

Revenue Scaling

Ongoing Optimization Revenue & Growth

With over 10 million ads created & tested so far, and continually crafting new Google Ads in every product category, Okiano is increasing the Sales & Revenue and improving the ROAS for Online eCommerce Shops by automating the advertising on Google Ads.

Our technology systematically manages your Campaigns, Optimizing Ads Performance continuously, choosing relevant Ads, associated Keywords, and advertising Strategies to continuously improve sales and revenue results.

Unlike any of our alternatives, our technology performs many of the labor-intensive PPC Expert work. It is creating the Ads, finding the most Relevant Keywords, selecting the corresponding Store Landing Pages, and Rotating the advertised Ads for optimizing the Keyword-Ad-Store Landing page experience by A/B testing, for increased quality score, reduced PPC costs, and better bottom-line performance!

Automatic Campaigns

Okiano AI boosted with machine learning identifies each of your store’s products, automatically detecting features, figuring out relevant keywords, creating multiple ads to perform A / B testing, and promote the best-performing ads.

Okiano’s eCommerce Advertising solution advertises your store by creating excellent campaigns on Google Ads, all with relevant Keywords and effective Targeting.


Forecast potential buyers

Increasing PPC budget is not necessarily enough to increase sales. Okiano’s eCommerce Advertising technology leverages usage patterns to predict which Ads will most likely bring to your store the shoppers with the highest intent of purchase. This ongoing optimization ensures minimum spend on unwanted clicks from window-shoppers, maximizing conversions and increasing sales volume.

Improved Return on advertising spend ROAS

Many different factors affect customer purchasing patterns and eventual sales. Okiano’s eCommerce Marketing Automation robots manage the entire advertisement process, matching the right keywords to users with intent-to-purchase, improving ROAS and maximizing ROI.


Key Components

Creative Magic

Effective, great-looking Ads! It’s completely automatic. Our Automated AI Advertising eCommerce technology integrates with your online store to create hundreds or even thousands of excellent-looking Search Google Ads. These Ads are uploaded to your Google Ads to generate quality traffic of interested users. 

Smart Keywords

Using advanced Natural Language Processing technology, our system performs Keyword Research for your store to identify sales potential and bid costs. These keywords are then used to drive high-quality traffic of customers interested in your store products.

Campaign Builder

Ads created by Creative Magic and Keywords identified by Smart Keywords are combined to create excellent campaigns on Google Ads advertising all of your store content. The Keyword→Ad→Store Landing Page is optimized to ensure high Quality-Score and low CPC rates.

Sales Amplifier

Sophisticated remarketing and retargeting, identifying new keywords derived from user searches and associating them to the Ads and landing pages, and automatically generating new Ads are all means to increase your sales and scale your business in a competitive landscape.

Shopping Booster

Automatically creating Google Shopping campaigns that work and continuously groups your products to the right categories to meet relevant user searches identifying intent to purchase and optimizing to keep your performance at peak.

Budget Optimizer

Okiano Budget Optimizer manages your Google Ad budget to the level of your store category structure. The tool helps you choose categories, and product groups should be included or excluded as per your business preference, and Okiano will manage your store Search Ads budget accordingly.


Start Drive Traffic

It takes time for Okiano and Google robots to optimize your campaigns. You will see elevated traffic, but conversions may depend on many factors such as your store shopping cart experience and onsite promotions.

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