Google Search Volume Is Growing More Than 10% A Year – What Does It Mean For Us?

You may ask yourself why should you find it interesting that the volume of Google searches is still growing at a rate of 10% to 15%, with 3.5 billion Google searches being made every day.


Search engine marketing (SEM) is a must-do for eCommerce retailers. However, whilst the volume of search queries fielded by Google is growing, you need to be investing more in focusing on your AdWords campaign management quality with AdWords management services to ensure that you drive the right traffic to your website through the paid and organic results.


When 34.6% of all product searches start on Google, this information should be of particular interest to those performing technology marketing advertising, specifically online eCommerce retailers. A further additional interesting data fact is that shoppers who searched on Amazon took longer to purchase those who searched on Google. On average, the “search to purchase” on Amazon took 25.9 days, while it was 19.6 days on Google. Most users bought an item within the first five days. However more of them (35%) purchased in this longer time frame using Google than Amazon (19%).


This leads to the question; how can we leverage this data and ensure that our customers are making fast purchasing decisions? Optimizing SEM, eCommerce marketing, and having a structure in your AdWords campaign management is key if we want to win. A higher amount of searches may mean more shoppers, but it can also easily result in non-converting expensive clicks that will not generate the expected revenue results. Adwords optimization and optimizing the relationship between Keywords, Search Terms, Ads, and Product Pages results in greater control over the critical path to your success – your shoppers’ experience.


  • Recent statistics tell us that Google searches consisting of 1 and 2 keywords account for over 45% of the searches. Search terms with 3 and 4 words account for 23%.
    This leaves over 30% of searches for search terms with 5 or more words that are narrower, less competitive, and likely to be searched for by more focused shoppers to whom your web-store is more relevant.


  • Google Shopping keeps growing too. When thinking about increasing sales and profitability in an environment of growing demand that consists of more Google Searches, Google Shopping, and other technology, marketing advertising is a must-do.
    Millions of consumers are using Google to search for products every day actively, and Google Shopping is a fast and easy method to get your products in front of them quickly! However, we must keep in mind that optimizing Google Shopping is also a mandatory task. This includes negative keywords and other such AdWords optimizations that are critical for targeting only the most relevant shoppers and preventing others from consuming your Ads budget.


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