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Text Search Ads with high Quality-Score for Keyword → Ad → Store Page relevance and a higher chance to appear on the first results page, and be seen by many more users searching for your products.

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CPC rates grow with competition, quality traffic minimizes expensive clicks from window shoppers. Our Keyword Management helps bring relevant visitors that spend more time and visit more product pages on your website.

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Okiano’s Continuous Bid Management helps reduce Cost Per Click by proactively optimizing for time of day, gender, location, and many other factors. The result is more traffic for the same cost, reducing conversion costs.

Set a budget to drive Search traffic

Your sales targets and the average cost per click (CPC) determine your initial budget. Accepted conversion rates in the industry are 1% to 4%, with an average CPC of $0.3 cents to $2.0 and more. Set your initial budget according to your sales expectations, then fine-tune as you see results.

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“Against a Backdrop of COVID-19 and a Big Reduction in the Number of Visits to Minimo’s Brick-and-Mortar Stores in a Highly Competitive Health & Beauty Market, Okiano Helped Us Achieve Almost 2,500 New Purchases, of which 94% Were New Customers within Less than Four-Month of Advertising on Google Ads.”

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