Generating a Fully Optimized Ad Campaign with Google Ads for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the fastest-growing open-source eCommerce plugins built on WordPress. The free base platform became wildly popular among small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress due to its easy-to-install and fully customizable functionality. There are hundreds of free and paid WooCommerce extensions but if the main goal is growing sales and increasing traffic to your sites, then the fully optimized Google Ads extension is where to start. The plugin in the campaign setting Google Ads simply allows you to set-up, launch, and maintain a campaign for your eCommerce site targeting your specific audience faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Setting up your Ads on Google

Determining best practices for your eCommerce site can be a long and pricey mission. Thankfully, WooCommerce acts as your Google Ad campaign manager and has created a fast and free marketing automation solution using automated ads on Google. Producing an enhanced marketing strategy has never looked easier and once you’ve completed the extension installation your exposure will instantaneously begin to sky-rocket. The installation process consists of four straightforward steps that are quick and accessible, requiring little to no prior technical history or experience with a Google Ads management company. 


Step 1: Authorize access to the configuration of Google Ads to produce and augment relevant data and pre-existing campaigns


Step 2: Select and arrange relevant features accordingly to reach your target audience


-Specifying regions the ads will be displayed


-Determining what vertical correlates with your eCommerce site 


-Identifying which products and categories you want to advertise


Step 3: Setting up your shops features, including logo design and a quick description


Step 4: Reviewing your selections and finally setting your daily budget 


After building out, fine-tuning, and launching your site’s niche campaign, product-ads will immediately become visible for those performing Google searches for your products.

Advantages to Ads on Google

There are countless benefits to this highly-effective WooCommerce extension. The most important is effortlessly reaching more of your target audience. Customers who’ve tirelessly searched your products will now have access and awareness to your site almost instantly through automated Keyword Generation. With Google Search Ads your products will now be displayed to customers interested in your products and services. Additionally, with the creation of Banners and Google Display Ads, potential leads will receive image-focused ads while browsing the web at no additional cost. Want to have repeat business but don’t know how to keep customers coming back for more? Google and AI forces are reconnecting people to previously visited sites with Google Retargeting Ads

Tracking Campaign Stats and Performance

While the installation and creation through the campaign settings Google Ads may be complete, it’s now on you to keep track of all key insights. Through the navigation of your dashboard, you’ll be able to see several performance measurements to better monitor and analyze the success of your campaign thus far. There is a wide range of analytics to assess including the number of views, clicks, conversions, cost-per-click, revenue, and more. You are also presented with the option of viewing these stats at a category, product, or campaign level, which keeps you up-to-date on what products may be underperforming. Evaluating this data as a Google Ad campaign manager will consequently allow you to make calculated future predictions by helping you to better understand what may need further adjusting on your end.

There are plenty of other extensions to consider on WooCommerce including the conversion tracker, google shopping, and many more. Your Google Ad campaign manager will undoubtedly be a major asset to your eCommerce site growing your business in the blink of an eye. However, do keep in mind that it is not the only tool out there for your marketing and advertising purposes. For example, Okiano Marketing is a Google Ads management company with automated AI and machine learning software offering eCommerce marketing automation solutions and is readily available to create ads and find relevant keywords that will bring shoppers already searching for your products in a fully automated and optimized way improving your entire digital advertising process. The Okiano system tracks, monitors, and adjusts keywords and ads, to match the desires of your target audience. Most importantly, the high-quality keywords-ads-landing page experience will boost your quality score and lower your advertising costs to improve ROAS, increase sales, and enhance the overall site performance.


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