Does Content Matter When Running Google Ads?

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Everyone wants to come up with Google ads that have the highest conversion rates. The only hurdle is how to go about this, as ad quality is a challenge for many businesses. Is it just about throwing in keywords and having a strong call to action? Or, does the overall content matter?


The problem with most Google ads copy

To create a captivating ad copy, you need to understand what drives your target audience. Yes, Google ads limit you in the number of words you can use, but so much can be done within these limitations. This is why it is disheartening that an analysis of PPC ads shows that over 85% of ads are not achieving the desired business results. So, what is it that most businesses get wrong when creating their ad copy?


Defiance of the principles of salesmanship

To get a potential customer to click on an ad, you need your copy to have the touch of a salesman. Unfortunately, this touch is never reflected in many ads that may turn into a collection of related keywords. The principles of salesmanship are based on urgency, scarcity, uniqueness, exactness, and motivational triggers to get a viewer to have an undeniable interest.

To achieve the desired level of engagement when creating an ad copy, using a powerful AI advertising tool will help you attain salesmanship. Okiano Marketing is one such tool that uses advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to create high-quality ad copy without requiring the input of a PPC expert.


Lack of an intriguing headline

Over 80% of ad viewers who take action are first motivated by your ad’s headline. The consumer today has mastered the art of skimming, where they only look at what matters. The more powerful your headlines are for your ad copy, the better they will align with your audience’s interests.


Copy focused on product features rather than benefits

Marketing has evolved from the days when it was all about screaming about the features of a product until the market accepted it. Today, you have to address the pain points of customers by highlighting the benefits of your products.


No captivating call to action or location extensions

You have to propel your viewers by having a captivating call to action in your ads. Location extension has also been a standard for ads targeting a local market as this sets you up as a quickly available store.


No prices, offers, promotions, or sales on a products

Finally, what is the essence of trying to motivate a shopper to click an ad without touching on the most important factor – the price of your products? Today, most consumers are aware of the right price range for a product, and they do not want to waste time going from one ad to the other looking at prices. Cut the chase and let this be one of the primary highlights of your ad.



A lot goes into the creation of Google ads, and without the right tactics, it becomes a worthless venture. Content matters when creating an ad copy, and to avoid the constant worry of whether you have the right content or not, automating your ad creation is a lasting solution. 

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