Covid19 and eCommerce new technology advertising

The coronavirus brings dramatic changes to consumer needs and is influencing retailers in many ways. With stores closed, more consumers shop online for the first time in new categories. After reading several sources (see list at end) there’s growing evidence of the impact Coronavirus is having on eCommerce with anticipation for a long-term increase in online retail, as new people rapidly get used to new technology advertising and online shopping realizing what others already know about the benefits of eCommerce and PPC campaign management.


Experts argue that as consumers shift more and more purchases online the small and even large brick-and-mortar retailers have no choice but to use online advertising and promotion of modern technologies for eCommerce marketing if they want to remain in business. It is therefore thought that the coronavirus will provide a long-term boost for online retailers—if they can overcome the apparent rocky economy in front of us.

new technology advertising

Early evidence shows the expected significant increase in online sales. Preliminary data shows an average revenue increase of over 50% for eCommerce associated with brick-and-mortar and an 8.8% increase in conversion rates compared to last year.


According to U.S. government data, online sales were 11.4% of total retail spending during Q4 2019. This year eCommerce is projected to be over 12%.


Established online retailers now have the opportunity to adjust their new technology advertising, PPC campaign management, and discover eCommerce marketing automation solutions to drive these new customers to their websites. Newcomers and companies moving from the pure brick-and-mortar to online advertising and promotion of modern technologies for marketing the digital now have the chance to further solidify their brand position with the so important online presence.


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