COVID-19 – Tactics To Support Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Shift your strategy to adapt to the new norm

If one thing has become clear during these unusual and uncertain times, it is that your retail business needs to develop a strong online digital presence. Retailers globally are suffering as they try to navigate the myriad new constraints brought on by COVID-19. Whether your customers are struggling professionally, emotionally, or financially, it is important to understand and effectively meet the changing consumer needs efficiently. Companies able to shift their overall eCommerce digital marketing strategy or implement subtle changes during this period can maintain or even grow their success. With many non-essential street-side retailers closed for business, eCommerce is proving to be the best and only option for consumers around the world. 


It is important to shift your strategy responding to new-found behaviors your customers have formed. Consumers acting out of fear in a state of emergency, have significantly increased their rate of purchasing of essential products. eCommerce has risen by 25%, online grocery shopping has increased by 100%, with virus protecting products up by a dizzying 807%. Additionally, the purchasing rate of non-essential items has also spiked dramatically. Analyzing customer needs and enforcing safety guidelines such as the assurance of hygiene standards with packaging to avoid the transmission of COVID-19 will keep your site and business operating smoothly. The pandemic has resulted in permanent changes and patterns within online purchasing that might prove favorable to your business if you can successfully accommodate these changed circumstances. 

eCommerce Advertising
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Stay connected- Personalization is key!

It is becoming commonly understood that COVID-19 will result in a long-term increase in traffic and sales for online retailers if they can stay connected to their target audience through eCommerce advertising.


Our biggest tool we do not give nearly enough credit to is our ability to communicate. 


Communicate with your customers and give them the feeling you are not falling behind any brick-and-mortar store in terms of personalized relationships. Communicating well with your customers can prove to be your biggest asset. Now is the time to position yourself in the most beneficial way to your consumers. The goal is to provide an informative and almost seamless high-quality customer experience with the end goal of having customers return to your eCommerce site instead of shopping around elsewhere. Whether you communicate through live chat, email, ads or phone-support know that this is one of the most crucial elements to the success of your online shop. 


Ask your customers what it is they need so you can keep your products relevant. As consumers begin to shift more and more purchases online, eventually brick-and-mortar retailers will have no choice but to promote their businesses digitally through smart eCommerce marketing. To stay relevant during these uncertain and tough times, it is critical to focus on maintaining a product list that caters to the needs of your customers. Now would be an excellent time to survey shoppers and encourage purchasing through promotions and discounts. These methods present a simple and effective way to understand and address the immediate needs your customers are facing while also allowing you to prepare for the challenges post-COVID. Get ahead of these tough times by implementing a solid eCommerce marketing strategy and showing up well on Google organically through smart SEO, social media, and Google AdWords management services.

Set yourself up for sustained success with time-saving resources- Okiano has the solution

COVID-19 has forced brick-and-mortar retailers into eCommerce, which will initially prove to be difficult for those smaller businesses. Getting discovered online requires more in-depth eCommerce advertising to compete with innumerable competitors on the web. Becoming successful online requires digital expertise, which is why we’re now seeing more supporting technologies emerge aiming to lessen your load by performing eCommerce automated advertising for your website. It is no secret that digital advertising presents many time-consuming challenges. It can become expensive, difficult to optimize, challenging to integrate, monitor, and adjust, which can add up rather quickly in terms of cost and time. Finding ways to implement time-saving processes is more important now than ever. Utilizing AI powered advertising tools such as Okiano Marketing can help save up to 8 hours per week per account while uplifting your return on ads. 


Okiano is an AI powered advertising platform boosted with machine learning, which manages paid digital marketing campaigns for eCommerce online stores. The system tracks, monitors and adjusts keywords and ads, to match each to the right audience, and most importantly, manages costs to improve ROAS. The AI-powered advertising system supports major eCommerce platforms for seamless integration with over 1 Million online stores helping you to mitigate those tedious tasks while managing to increase your sales significantly. The eCommerce automated advertising software is 100% end-to-end, allowing you to minimize marketing expert and PPC efforts, all while pushing your online site forward and at a higher ranked level with the best quality and most relevant ads.

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