Minimo drives sales at an elevated ROAS with minimal Cost per Purchase

Mary Ware

“Against a backdrop of COVID-19 and a big reduction in the number of visits to Minimo’s brick-and-mortar stores in a highly competitive health & beauty market, Okiano helped us achieve almost 2,500 new purchases, of which 94% of those were new customers within less than four-month of advertising on Google Ads.”


Mary Ware
Founder at Minimo Skin Essentials

Okiano - Driving Successful Growth

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Launched in 2016 with a strong emphasis on genuine natural ingredients, Minimo Skin Essentials is a health & beauty store that specializes in high in-demand turmeric scrubs for dark spots and hyperpigmentation products. Boosted by its appearance on the Today-Show in the USA, Minimo was destined for a great future with its numerous brick-and-mortar shops spread across the states.


Against a backdrop of COVID-19 and a big reduction in the number of in-person visits to the brick-and-mortar stores, Minimo needed to start moving its products through available online channels to maintain levels of sales. The health & beauty market is also a highly competitive arena due to the increase in the number of home-made products and easy to create websites over the past couple of years.


To meet this challenge, Minimo directed its attention towards new users on various paid advertising channels including Facebook and Google. With 70% of purchases taking place after their first interaction with an ad, it was critical to attract the attention of audiences across all possible ad spaces and quickly. To achieve this, Okiano automatically created effective Ad campaigns across Google Search, Google Shopping, and Retargeting with an emphasis on appropriate audiences and high-resolution Ad images.


Using Okiano’s eCommerce automated advertising solution, Minimo saw a big increase in the number of sales and significant growth in its customer base. During the initial four month period of advertising with Okiano Google Ads, it received almost 2,500 new purchases, of which 94% of those were new customers.
With a return of $89,113 dollars from a spend of $7,532, Minimo’s Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) was so high as to eliminate the negative impact of the COVID-19, with elevated profitability and a steady stream of sales.

Bottom Line

As a result of Okiano technology with it’s ability to automatically create excellent campaigns across three networks while continuously A/B test a large number of Ads, Minimo began to see their best results yet on the Google Ads platform with a strong ROAS of 1,111%.

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