How Chronospride Lowered Sales Costs and Increased Revenue and Profit

“We were never successful using Google Ads until we found Okiano. Within the first 3 months from starting out, Chronospride revenue grew over 270% with cost going down to yield an overall 180% growth in ROAS compared to other channels.”
Chronospride – your one stop shopping solution for all high-end watches of different brands around the world based in Australia

Fransiscus Setiawan
Owner at Chronospride

Okiano - Driving Successful Growth

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Chronospride is an Australian eCommerce retailer established in 2017 with a mission to sell high-quality top brand watches at fair prices and through a convenient shopping experience. Selling worldwide, Chronospride offers genuine and authentic brands, with a brand warranty and guarantee, giving customers a trusted source for quality products.


Each year 1.2 billion watches are sold around the world, which makes the vertical a  highly competitive market. Despite this market volume, retailers have had mixed fortunes in recent years. The main challenge of a watch reseller, therefore, is the cost of being discovered.

With the relatively low margins and crowded reselling options, when eBay and Amazon take 15% to 20% of your top-line revenue, and the cost of being on the first page on Google is steadily increasing with the competition, growing the business is a very challenging task.


To counter this challenge, we began research for alternative eCommerce marketing automation solutions, this is when we found Okiano’s advertising automation platform. Within a week from signing up, we had a full-blown Google Ads campaign set-up and running with an initial budget. Okiano PPC Experts explained the overall marketing automation strategy as well as the automatic budget Ramp-up and Sales Volume Increase. All we had to do was watch our sales growth and our cost of sales shrinks helping us grow our margins.


The results conclusively proved to Chronospride the effectiveness of using well-designed campaigns on Google Ads with the help of AI boosted sales and marketing automation technology. Within 3 months of running the sales and marketing automation campaigns with Okiano, the numbers were impressive. CPA went down by 85%, ROAS grew up from 3 to 6, Chronospride saw a 320% increase in the number of transactions and the revenue grew almost 3 fold.

Using Okiano’s advertising automation platform  for eCommerce automated advertising on Google Ads, Chronospride finally had an alternative to the high cost of sales on eBay and Amazon. Setting up and running the campaigns was smooth and sales are constantly growing due to their strong marketing automation strategy, even in the current period where competition is tough and the space on Google’s first results page is limited.

Contact us at Okiano to learn how you too can grow your brand without growing overheads!

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