Automated A/B testing And Its Effects on Conversion Optimization

A B Testing

Does your advertising strategy include PPC campaigns?

If your answer is yes, then how frequently do you run A/B testing?

If your answer is rarely, then why aren’t you making the most of the world’s biggest search engine?


A/B Testing and what it means for your PPC campaigns

A/B testing, also known as split testing, can simply be defined as the act of running different variations of a marketing or advertisement copy. The aim is to test the effectiveness of the copy presented to your target audience before settling on the one with the highest conversion rate. Over the years, A/B tests have become a cornerstone for modern business as it is a guaranteed means to getting better results from your marketing efforts.

In PPC campaigns, A/B testing has become an industry standard as there is the never-ending battle of matching the right keyword combinations to high-value ad copy. No marketer is ever 100% sure about the performance of an ad copy until it is released to the market and its performance determined. However, since copy variants that make an ad valuable are closely related, the best way to find the true ‘winning point’ is through A/B testing.

There are a number of points that you can tweak in an ad copy during A/B testing, and these include:

    • Headlines
    • Subject line
    • CTAs
    • Site-Links and Price-Links
    • The general layout of the ads

It is these slight tweaks on an ad without changing focus on the products being advertised that ultimately make all the difference on your bottom-line performance.


Technology to the rescue

Marketers always have to spend hours trying to make the right changes to an ad copy for it to attract the right market attention. Unfortunately, as a business that wants to get top value from these services, the privilege of time is very limited. The intense competition in the current business landscape means that every hour you waste trying to come up with the most effective copy is accepting to fall below the top spot.

So, how do you get the best from A/B testing without sending too much time on this single activity?

Welcome to the world of automated A/B testing, where you can say goodbye to manually making the right adjustments to your ad copy. Instead, you get to use sophisticated and advanced machine learning to generate and tweak ads based on consumer behavior, the landing page content, and relevant keywords. The winning edge for automated split testing is that the final ad copy is chosen based on the current best practices and market trends that impact ad performance. This is because machine learning makes it easier to identify and use patterns that would take a PPC expert a long time to realize.



Automated A/B testing is taking over the PPC industry for all the right reasons. Firstly, it is a guaranteed channel that will significantly boost conversion optimization as it focuses on current consumer behavior. Most importantly, it is a quick and affordable way of attaining top results from PPC campaigns for the store keen on attracting high-quality traffic.

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