Attracting The Right Customer with PPC advertising management

When using Google AdWords PPC advertising management, getting the right shoppers to your online store means many things. For starters, the right shoppers are likely to find your products interesting and make a purchase, if not immediately, then on their next visit. However, this is not the only reason. Attracting the wrong users is damaging not only your overall returns it also harms future sales and is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for the online retailer. Uninterested visitors to your shop will end up spending less time at your store, they will view fewer product pages and are less likely to return to your website at a later date. 


When that happens, you lose more than that the PPC advertising management cost. It impacts your Quality Score – an estimate of the quality and relation of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. This in turn impacts your PPC advertising management cost, which can go up. When the quality score goes down, Google is less likely to prefer your Ads over the competition and you will end up paying more to get the position you want.


So, what eCommerce marketing tactics can you do and how can you ensure you are attracting the right customers that will spend time at your site and will eventually make a purchase, elevating quality score and improve AdWords conversion rates using AdWords management services helping you meet your business targets. 

AdWords optimization tips:


  • Make sure your most competitive ads are available for Google Ads. Creating and delivering excellent ads is critical. When your message is clear, your customer understands. But different customers understand different messaging. So multiple Ads with different creative can help.
  • Rotate your ads to optimize for clicks. Rotating Ads gives Google the ability to elect the Ads that will be best for delivering to a specific user and query context of an auction.
  • Optimize Ad serving by placing many ad text options. Implement 3-5 ads per ad group. The ad that ultimately serves in an auction will be one that is projected to be the best for that situation. It’s a quick way to make your ads more relevant and better suited to a user’s context.
  • Include extensions, Ad extensions helps in ranking your Ads high, as well, Ads with extension take more screen space and usually lead to an overall increase in clicks that you receive.


Higher quality ads and tight relation of relevance between the search terms (keywords), Ads creative and your site landing page can help bring more relevant visitors to your store, lower your advertisement prices, and improve AdWords conversion rate and your ad positions. Your Quality score will go up and your overall conversion costs will go down. 


Other than the basic AdWords optimization tips there are, additional actions you need to take is to review your keyword performance over time. For example, changing match type may increase traffic in an ad group with generic terms or broad match keywords. But it may well be that you are bringing irrelevant traffic to your store resulting in high spending and low conversions. Of course, you could use this as a research tool for keyword expansion to find related terms with higher specificity that will eventually improve your overall performance.


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