Are You Ready To Run An Effective Google Ads Campaign in Minutes?

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Now that you are ready to start running a Google ads campaign, there is still that pressing question; what is the best way to go about this? Is it all about investing as much money as possible into your campaigns? Or, must you hire top-ranking PPC experts to pull this through? Or, is this a simply DIY that you can manage on your own without any assistance?

To answer all these questions, we have to look at what it takes to run highly effective Google ads campaigns.


The right channel to setting up and running quality PPC campaigns

You need to kick off your PPC campaigns on the right foot, and to do this; you need to adhere to the following tips:


Have clear and SMART campaign goals

Before setting up a Google ads campaign, you need to ensure you have the right foundation that takes into consideration your long-term success. Setting clear campaign objectives is the first step to ensuring you never lose focus on your targets. This will also enable you to craft an action plan by breaking down your campaign into phases that you can independently analyze.


The success of your campaigns is dependent on having a great structure.

After setting up your campaign goals, it is time to consider who you want to target with these ads. Defining your target audience also helps you avoid the mistake of ‘targeting everyone,’ which is not only expensive but hardly ever yields the desired results. However, you do not have to fret about this as Google has made this simple since it allows you to set up ad campaigns with specific market targets, budget, and keyword match types.


Have great ad content and keyword match types

Beyond setting your campaign with the right keyword match types, you need great ad content to win the attention of your target audience. This way, it will motivate the viewer to take action by clicking on it and getting to your landing pages.


Have optimized landing pages

Finally, for higher conversion rates, you need to invest in having optimized landing pages. Primarily, this is whereby you ensure your landing pages are 100% relevant to the ad. For example, if your ad offers a 50% discount on women hiking boots, do not direct your viewers to a page that showcases all your boots (men, women, and kid boots).


Win with PPC automation

Times have changed, and while in the pursuit of fast, easy, and high-quality eCommerce Google ads, automation has become the answer. You no longer have to spend weeks on end thinking about how to run effective PPC campaigns when you can let AI take over this role. Okiano Marketing offers a futuristic PPC platform that offers end-to-end automation of your Google ads that takes minutes to complete and start running. With this, you can say goodbye to worrying about the many factors that make a quality campaign as advanced AI algorithms help you create, set up, test, and adjust your ads without requiring human effort.



Time is money, and you no longer have to spend hours every day coming up with your Google ads and monitoring your campaigns. Instead, all you need to get value for time and money is an AI-driven e-commerce management platform, and you are good to go.

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