About Okiano

Okiano makes digital advertising easy

Okiano helps online shop owners drive high-quality traffic of interested shoppers to their online stores by automating, optimizing and simplifying the entire digital publishing process. Our automation is based on sophisticated Machine Learning and AI technologies that create and manage paid advertising campaigns far better than human experts at a fraction of the costs.

Our system optimizes the sequence of Keywords, Ads, and store-landing-pages, to ensure High Quality-Score and Low Click Cost resulting in lower spending, increased revenue,  and higher ROAS.

The digital advertising challenge

With eCommerce growing at an accelerated pace, Effective Advertising becomes the biggest challenge for online shops. It’s expensive, hard to optimize, hard to set up, and requires constant monitoring and adjustment. Obtaining the desired results sometimes feels impossible. Managing conversions, identifying best Ad/product spending strategies and best selling products at large online shops is virtually impossible without a team of experts and advanced tools.

Okiano analyses products & categories

Generates multiple ads for each product and category

Automatically optimizes campaigns

Monitors performance of campaigns (ongoing)

provides you with feedback & suggestions for better results

Control advertisement budget for improved ROAS

Okiano Value to the Online Retailer

Okiano technology creates a Large Variety of Ads that are Optimized to Drive Sales at a Low Cost.


Campaign creation is Fast, Easy, and resulting in High-Quality Google Ads Campaigns that actually Sale.

The Ads are Created Automatically to smartly advertise the entire store content.


Fully Transparent Campaigns allow for manual control and visibility down to the Keyword level on the retailer “Google Ads” account.

Optimization based on Ever-Expanding base of Auto-Generated Ads and auto-discovered keywords to Grow Sales and Profit.

Okiano Advantage

Most of today’s digital marketing solutions provide a mixture software and services to help online marketers. While software platforms offer some automated optimization options, most ultimately require the intervention of digital marketing PPC experts.
In contrast to most marketing services and technologies available for online stores, Okiano does not require a digital marketing expert, or even knowledge in digital marketing. With Okiano, you will not spend valuable hours configuring and adjusting campaigns. Our automation is end-to-end, letting you minimize marketing expert efforts and reduce overall hassle .

Our Vision

Led by a team of experts in Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Software Product Development and Digital Marketing, we’re innovation enthusiasts dedicated to making business easier by developing cutting-edge technologies. Our new concept for Marketing Automation is based on advanced proprietary machine learning algorithms; it continuously collects data and builds knowledge, training the Automated Marketing Engine “Advertisement Robot” with over 10,000,000 ads so far and growing constantly with updating of new ads in every product category. We see Okiano pushing forward online shops in every domain with constantly improving premium advertising technologies.

See how Okiano can up your sales

Our team can help you analyse your advertising budget and demonstrate the benefits of using our system.